The Annual Hackney WickED Art Prize

Offering opportunities to artists working from Hackney Wick

Since 2015 Unit G Gallery has run the Hackney WickED Art Prize competition at the Hackney WickED Open Studios and awarded a first-prize and runner-up status to artists with a studio open to the public over that weekend in Hackney Wick and Fish Island who have invited us to see their work and hear their stories.

There were no Hackney WickED Open Studios in 2018, but happily they are back from 2019, and Unit G Gallery continues to organise the Art Prize competition with them, for those fine artists who confirm with the Hackney WickED team that they are opening their studios on 27-28 July and then request prize participation.

In 2015, painter Mick Dean was our winner, and painter Vanessa Mitter our runner-up; we gave them both an offer of a gallery exhibition, which they both took up in March and June 2016 respectively.

In 2016 we had 16 artists on our longlist and selected 4 artists for our shortlist and a return studio visit. Out of these we chose a winner, painter and collagiste Christina BanBan from Mother Studios, and a runner-up, photographer Sinem Mucur from Lion Works.

The last July 2017 art prize competition

Michael Worobec
Michael Worobec

In 2017, 15 Open Studios artists applied in advance to be on our longlist, and we selected 3 artists for a shortlist and return studio visit. Out of these we chose one winner, visual artist (painter, photographer and digital imager) Michael Worobec, from MotherX Studios, Queens Yard. This year’s Art Prize included £500 towards artist’s materials and a pre-arranged slot for us to curate his developing new collection ‘Fragments‘, for an exhibition in October to be held in Hackney Wick (Fish Island) itself.

Our 2017 runner up was Jim Jack, from Bridget Riley Studios, with whom we delivered the solo exhibition Twists and Turns in September-October 2018.

Hackney WickED was able to enhance their support to the Art Prize in 2017 thanks to funding by Arts Council England. We have applied to them for a financial contribution in 2019.

Thanks also to our past collaboration with Stour Space; the 2017 winner’s exhibition was curated by us there, and they have offered to host future prize winner shows when we can’t host them ourselves.