First-time art buyers’ guide

Welcome to our first time buyers guide. We are happy to introduce you to finding the art love of your life!

At first we have to congratulate you for your decision to find artwork – always a very personal and particular matter.


Now follow our four easy steps to make your first purchase successful:




Educate yourself by visiting galleries, museums or auctions. They will give you an overview about different media, genres, periods, styles and values of artwork. You can also talk to artists, designers, art connoisseurs or other experts. By doing so, your favourite styles will find you of their own volition! Stay up-to-date with your latest local exhibitions and events – see here.




It is necessary to set your budget before you proceed with some more concrete research. Ask yourself if you are buying as an investment or for art’s sake – for your home or workplace? You should then consider in advance under what circumstances you might be ready to surpass your limit. You always wanted to know how artists price their works? – see here




When you search for your favourite artwork try to find out as much as you can about the artist, the galleries and the art fairs they have exhibited in and how much work they produce and sell. You could try to find a gallery nearby to see similar work for real. Equally you could phone to ask for more information about the artist and his or her inspiration and track record. Instagram is one starting point for discovering contemporary art – see here.




The last and probably easiest step is to keep the receipt, invoice and documentation about your first art work, for the authentication and valuation of your painting for insurance or investment purposes. Need to know and evidence the provenance of your artwork? – see here


Tip: Invest in a piece from an upcoming artist. It’s affordable and you can follow and support their creative development.

Follow your instincts: Now you’ve taken these precautionary steps, buy the work you fell in love with at first sight?!

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