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Starting from July 2015, Unit G’s mission has been to support and showcase East London’s fine art scene – whether the artists live, work, have a residency or choose to exhibit here. This could be anywhere within the four ‘Olympic Boroughs’ of Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Walthamstow, and cover any form of fine art, by which we mean authentic work intended as ‘art for art’s sake’ with no other function. By showcasing their best work locally, we do our bit to help and sustain a multitude of emerging and established artists globally. Within these parameters, we can curate a diverse range of art genres across a mid-range price level.

“My exhibition, everlasting evanescence, was my first London solo show. I’d had solo exhibitions in Brighton, but I wasn’t sure where to start with finding East London venues and then I came across Unit G. Kevin helped massively by sourcing various potential spaces and showing me around the area. He was very helpful with the marketing and production in the lead up to the exhibition; using Unit G brand templates to create a poster, QR codes, labels for paintings, as well as for sending out newsletters and Instagram posts. He was very organised with setting up and taking down the exhibition, helping me decide where each painting should go, and he also provided spot lights that lit up my work beautifully. One of the best things about exhibiting with Unit G is the amazing online gallery. I used this gallery in my Instagram bio and it was especially amazing for me, as many of my followers who couldn’t make the exhibition could still see all the work online. I sold three paintings to my followers this way. On the last day of my exhibition, I gave an artist talk, something I had been wanting to achieve at previous exhibitions but which I’d never felt confident enough to do. Kevin helped me so much by practising the talk with me beforehand and this really calmed my nerves. Thank you so much, Kevin, for all your help and support!” Lily Rigby, December 2021


The team travels East London’s artists’ openings, studios and events, looking to engage with venues and organisations seeking to host exhibitions, such as Vittoria Wharf, shown in the photos (left).

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Unit G provides exhibition services and makes curatorial judgments in partnership with fresh emerging artists, as well as those who are becoming established.

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We show artworks in our online gallery and the physical space(s) of our partners. Purchased or leased works are certified by the artist and usually collected from them.

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“Every age, every nationality, every mood gets connected when it comes to creativity, and we give that energy a new space to spread!”

– Lisa-Marie Scheller, 2015

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