Twists and Turns


by Jim Jack

The Spears

See the exhibition here in our online gallery

The Private Preview was held on Wednesday evening 19 September 2018
See the pictures below
Exhibition Dates:
20 September – 2 October 2018
Public Openings:
20-22 September 2018 12-5.30pm

Jim combines the attention to detail and skills of a craftsman with the enquiring mind and vision of an artist. He often work on several pieces at once, each being at a different stage of development. Multiple layers of wood laminate or corrugated card are sawn and shaped or twisted, glued and fixed, turned and manipulated, carved, ground and sanded down. Surfaces and textures add further dimensions, while the natural beauty and depth of colour of the material is brought to life by burnishing and oil. Jim’s way of thinking is: What can I do with this? How can I change it? What happens if I do this? And it is as simple as that; once a piece manifests itself and he understands the structure, then the variations come.

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