Jim Jack

The sculptor Jim Jack is originally from the Fisher Towns of the Moray Firth (Scotland). It is from there, in the form of the fishing boats in construction and repair, you can see echoes in his work. Other influences can be seen from his many visits to Southern Africa, which have enhanced his vocabularies of form and shape.


“For me the work is about process and how that process influences the final outcome”, he says. This is evident in his recent work “The Spears 2018” in which the forms exist within the tension of the wood: Process and solution.


Jim Jack studied at Lincoln College of Art, Walthamstow Art College and The Working Mens college, where he studied Etching. Jim says “Drawing has always been a fundamental part of the creative process, a Nursery of ideas that are informed by past and future work.”


Jim Jack lives and works in East London and has undertaken commissions in Miami USA, Dubai UAE, Mauritius and Switzerland. For Jim, each work starts with a statement “What would be the outcome if I do this?”; that then becomes his next challenge.
Jim Jack photo
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