The Slit


This painting is part of the ‘Cachoeiras’ collection of paintings by young Norwegian painter, Eigil Nordstrøm, who has a studio in Bow Arts. His collection forms one half of the joint exhibition on the Rooftop at FieldWorks in London Fields, along with video artist Gili Lavy, entitled ‘Intangible Spaces’.


Eigil took as his starting point, compositions created from the interior of a small wooden box to explore light as a cascading force of nature. Seeping through the cracks in the woodwork is the colourful light of the Brazilian outback, retained in his memory after a visit to Chapada Diamantina in 2016. The constructed space functions as a container that allows light to be reimagined as a viscous material, mingling with vague memories of waterfalls and slippery rocks, and directing the application of paint.



183 x 137 cm


Oil paint on canvas



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