Accident Night – Clerkenwell, 1959


I never knew why this accident happened because no other vehicle was involved, so I can only imagine that rainwater caused the car to skid into a post. The buckled bonnet shows how easy it is to bend a piece of metal, just as is depicted in one of John Gilroy’s last posters for Guinness, depicting his famous ‘man with a girder’ shaping it into a figure five.

Black & White silver gelatin photography – default resin coated paper (fibre based available for an additional charge).

This print is available in the following paper (not image) sizes and editions:
A0: 841 x 1189 mm | Edition: 10
A1: 594 x 841 mm | Edition: 10
A2: 420 x 594 mm | Edition: 20
A3: 297 x 429 mm | Edition: unlimited
A4: 210 x 297 mm | Edition: unlimited


A0, A1, A2, A3, A4

Paper type

Resin Coated, Fibre Based

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