Wild Horses


by Georgie Mason

Gentle Answers
The Private Preview and First Thursday was held on 4 October 2018.
See the pictures below.
Wick Wednesday Private View:
Wednesday 17 October 2018 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates:
5 – 19 October 2018


Public Openings:
5-6 October 2018 12-5.30pm

The spirit of India inspires this series of semi-abstract paintings. Georgie has often experimented with a variety of media to create interesting and sometimes unexpected results.


Georgie says, “A wise man told me that emotion is like a wild horse, and you are the rider. There has to be a mutual trust before you can tame the horse. This analogy reminded me of a particular beach in India where a beautiful white horse galloped free every day. In this series, I have tried to detach from the ego that questions and analyses: ‘Is this ‘sellable’, is this ‘good’, is this ‘right’?’. I’ve tried to find and trust the emotion, and to paint only from here.”


In every painting in this series, she incorporates various ‘media’, including mud, wood shavings, slate and other materials that she finds in the surroundings of her new studio on Stepney City Farm. For her, the enjoyment is in the process of making something out of nothing, with whatever resources are available, and with memories of a particular place in mind, letting a painting tell its own story.

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