Space Between

by Anna Popovich

The inspiration for her most recent collection came from the book ‘Spacesuits’ by Amanda Young. Anna has always been interested in the way we add to our bodies to suit them for different environments; dressing the body for outer space being an extreme example of this. A spacesuit is not so much a garment as a close fitting home for the astronaut.
The aforementioned book contained image after image of the details that make up these suits: metallic fibres, raw edges, heavy topstitching, endless belts, pulls, zips and steel wire fastenings; all details which she has used in this collection.
To create the dresses you will see at her exhibition ‘Space Between’ it was
important for Anna to step back from the concept. Through mixing the utilitarian spacesuit elements with feminine silhouettes, she hopes to translate these ideas into something women can both relate to and want to wear.
All dresses shown at the exhibition are available to purchase at Unit G Gallery or from Anna Popovich’s website:
If you would prefer a dress or accessories in a different colour, different length or swap gold for silver, get in touch with us to discuss the perfect version for you.
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