Photolithography | Sculpture | Video | Performance
24th November – 18th December 2016
Launch Event | Thursday 24th November 2016 6-8pm
TripSpace in Haggerston
Unit G Gallery in Hackney is very pleased to announce a collaboration with TripSpace in Haggesrton. The cultural space will mirror Unit G Gallery’s exhibitions, putting up their curation of art made in East London.
Growing up, Holly had dance training in ballet and contemporary. This is something that has stuck in her mind. The way dancers speak through their bodily movements, actions and behaviours: The pure beauty of the human form and all it is capable of. Dancing with a partner is completely different to dancing alone. You have to have a connection with your partner, you have to know them. For Holly, being an artist and working with materials is exactly the same kind of relationship.
All of those thoughts are going through Holly Vaughan’s head, and she started to think – what if she could create some kind of dialogue or situation involving this sculptural form and a human form? The ‘fully breathed’ with the ‘never before breathed’. So she brought in a dancer and just started to experiment with communication and flow through movement, actions and behaviours – the body.
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