Breakfast at Trinity’s

by Trinity Tristan

5th – 7th May 2017
5th Base Gallery, 23 Heneage Street (off Brick Lane), London E1 5LJ
12:00-18:00 and by appointment
Private preview | Thursday 4th May 2017 6-9pm
In a sigh of exhaustion, Trinity expresses her discontent with life in the metropolis. In a bid to confront those emotions this latest series explores her relationship between urbanity and escapism.


“My time for me is breakfast. My ideal, a beautiful vista, sun on my skin, salty wet hair. I have coffee and a cigarette, some fresh fruit, water and some juice: Cliché and obvious to most, but relatable to all. This selection of works is a coping mechanism and reaction to brutal urban winters. They are a unique personal virtual-reality.”
A hidden emotional intensity is reflected in Trinity’s bright and meaningful universe where “reality isn’t something you perceive it is something you create in your mind”. With a deep respect for the spontaneity of life, twists and mishaps encourage Trinity to adopt an openminded attitude towards a variety of mediums. Not easily labeled, her work uses figurative expressionism to draw on the materiality of popular, regional and historic cultures. It aspires to carve out a deeper relationship with our identity by using the spaces we frequent.
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