Rose Wood


“Rose is also a close friend of mine, and one of the most important people I have met of recent times. She is the reason living in London is worth the struggle. She is the primary and founding performer of The Box, starting at The Box in New York 12 years ago. She lives in the Chelsea Hotel and spends her time being flown between London and New York doing some of the most extreme performance art in Club Land. She is a self proclaimed ‘Transgender
Terrorist’, but is also one of the kindest, wisest people I know. She has many stories to tell. The strawberries in the painting were originally a reference to a performance she does in which the audience eat chocolate strawberries before seeing her later poo large amounts of chocolate cake out on stage and then eat it with strawberries; the strawberries have since taken on a deeper, more mysterious and personal meaning.”



90 (h) x 90 (w) cm


Oil, Acrylic & Fire on Plastic



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