Grenade Head I


This painting is one in Michael’s ‘Man Woman, Human’ sub-series, featuring the curved shapes of the distinctive Afro hair style, which the artist started working on in East London and which continued through his move back to his native Edinburgh. Within this space many shapes and constructs form: The grenade in these paintings is a recurring motif; a mixed metaphor for whimsy and destruction. A bomb and a rich, juicy pineapple; colours in this work are bright, lively and friendly.


The figures are calm yet exude a quiet rebellion, peering out at the viewer with indignation, sadness or perhaps contempt. This is for the viewer to address and decide. The gender of these is purposely vague and the idea of temptation and excess in the title is a reference to the temptations of the flesh. The lush beauty, fragrance and colours such as in a garden, are metaphors for the delights on offer.



80 x 60 cm


Acrylic, spray paint and oil on canvas



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