Roxy Hervé

Roxy Hervé is a French fine art and editorial documentary photographer based in London. She started exploring photography a few years after she graduated from Central Saint Martins, where she studied Fine Arts. She explores the human form and its environment, usually using the body as a shape rather than a gendered object. As part of a two-year long project (so far), ‘Lovers’, she made a recent call in the Hackney Wick Locals Facebook Group for couples to take part.


“By playing with nature and colours, I try to recreate the surreal touch that is sometimes in front of you when you open your eyes. I found out that most of the time, there is this feeling of unity that emerges from this game I play with people and my camera. Unity between two bodies, or unity between an object and a body. I don’t only work with professional models. I sometimes feel like “normal” people who have never posed before are much more beautiful than models. For example, I’ve started a big project about photographing lovers in their intimacy. I think this kind of approach brings my photos closer to the most beautiful and natural aspects of reality. With objects, plants, colours and body shapes, I try to deform and twist things as much as possible to make the human shape disappear and appear again. I guess it all comes down to this: making the surreal look natural, and making the natural look surreal.”
Roxy Hervé photo
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