Marine Crozel

Marine Crozel is a visual artist and graphic designer based in East London.
She grew up in the South of France, where an equally artistic mother urged her to pursue her personal creative venture.
She has studied graphic design and completed a Master degree in Visual Conception at the ECV Paris in 2011 with a specialisation in publishing.
Marine went on to found her creative studio, Surface to Space, in 2012. Her focus is to work closely with clients to help define, bring out and express their own identity. Marine’s work features a distinct, clean and bold signature.
She explores themes of disconnection and the idea that something is hidden beneath the surface.
This is all interesting and makes for a good natter, but ultimately there are more important things you need to know about Marine. Marine is as obsessed by layout and experimental design as she is with touching, cutting, biting, punching, stabbing and dirty magic.
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