Marie-Louise Jones

Marie-Louise Jones is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice spans across sculpture, sound, film, collage and installation. As a sculptor with a Hackney Wick studio, she has often produced large pieces, with wood, stone and other materials, usually in just a few bright and/or dark colours, which are exhibited and photographed in varied locations, both inside her studio and outside in the wild.


Undertaking her MA Fine Art at Central St Martins, she has been awarded a DYCP bursary from the Arts Council England (2018), invited as Resident Artist for Dia Projects, Ho Chi Minh City (2018), exhibited at 57th Venice Biennale (Italy 2017), and Brussels Art Week (Belgium 2017), selected as finalist for Camaradas in association with the Embassy of Mexico (London 2017), and previously undertaken residencies and exhibitions in London, New York, Barcelona, Italy, Vietnam, Indonesia and Norway.


In a current artist statement she says, “Concerned with duality and polarity I examine spaces where seemingly opposing forces meet –  the material and immaterial, the organic and artifice, the personal and universal. I embark on long journeys into unknown landscapes; whether physical, emotional or conceptual. Utilising natural objects and nature motifs I often respond to landscapes creating site-specific sculptural installations that present objects to draw in the viewer, inviting and encouraging the contemplation of nature, both human and environmental”
Marie-Louise-Jones photo
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