Lily Rigby

Lily Rigby is an artist who creates oil paintings that exist in the broad space between abstract and figurative.


After graduating from The University of the West of England in 2015, with a First Class BA Honours Degree in Illustration, Lily reengaged in her passion for painting. Lily has been in many group shows, including YAP Art London, Cameron Contemporary Art Hove, as well as collaborating with Award Winning European Architects Finkernagel Ross.  Kevis House Gallery in Petworth began representing Lily’s work in 2020.  She has exhibited her artwork in London, Brighton, Bristol, Chichester and Hungerford.


Inspired by the land, sea, sky and other natural forms, Lily’s paintings are rendered with sensitivity and pure emotion.  They are mysterious, confrontational and beautiful.  The finished works are exciting to own – inspiring and yet challenging, tapping into the emotions of the viewer, connecting their emotional journey with that of the artist.


“When I start a painting I never know how it will turn out. I don’t like to pre-meditate what I’m going to create. I love the idea that each painting will reveal itself.  I feel most myself when I am in my studio, painting. It takes me a while but I gradually get into the flow and this is when I experience my subconscious taking over. I think that makes my work become more authentic. I like the physicality of painting, especially when I am working on large canvases. Painting means so much to me because of the feelings it gives me throughout the journey. I think it’s a similar feeling as when someone goes for a run – when something has been bubbling up in your body and you need to let it out. it is a physical manifestation of what is going on inside.”
Lily Rigby photo
by Alun Callender
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