Holly Vaughan

Originally born in Africa, multimedia Artist Holly Vaughan comes from a multicultural and well-travelled background, which has led her to base her practice and reside in East London. A significant part of her methods of working comes from constancy and consistency of place in life. One of the only consistent factors in Holly’s life is her bodily self. In earlier years, her awareness about the world and her place in it developed through the constant shifting of place, people and context. Deeply held feelings and personal intuitions were carried from place to place, coupled with an intense creativity and desire for self-expression. This led the Artist to focus on her own being, her own personal way of observing, evolving and releasing multimedia with a constantly shifting landscape. Her work mainly consists of experimenting with themes of connectivity and intimacy, responding to the females form; bodily performance and expressions of emotions and thoughts that are intimately bound up with how the body behaves. Holly views her subjects with familiarity as extensions of her own self, holding respect for female abilities to carry sexuality with dignity and strength. Her visual language honours this assured femininity throughout her practice, in the dialogue she creates between her materials and working processes.


Exhibition dates: 1st – 23rd July 2016
Private preview Thursday 30th June 2016 form 6pm
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