The Annual Hackney WickED Art Prize

Offering opportunities to artists working from Hackney Wick

Hackney WickED - Open Studios

Since 2015 Unit G Gallery has run the Hackney WickEd Art Prize competition at the Hackney WickED Open Studios and awarded a first-prize and runner-up status to artists with a studio open to the public over that weekend in Hackney Wick and Fish Island who have invited us to see their work and hear their stories.

In 2015, painter Mick Dean was our winner, and painter Vanessa Mitter our runner-up; we gave them both an offer of a gallery exhibition, which they both took up in March and June 2016 respectively.

In 2016 we had 16 artists on our longlist and selected 4 artists for our shortlist and a return studio visit. Out of these we chose a winner, painter and collagiste Christina BanBan from Mother Studios, and a runner-up, photographer Sinem Mucur from Lion Works.

This 2016 edition winner is Cristina Banban

Cristina BanBan is an illustrator based in Hackney Wick, London, UK.
Her practice ranges from individual commissions to commercial illustration.
Cristina’s personal artwork is based on the study of the body and feminine image, the woman being a recurrent theme for her pieces.

Cristina BanBan was born in Spain in 1987. She received her BA in Fine Arts in Barcelona in 2012 and two years later moved to London where she lives and works.

Cristina has evolved a language that allows her to represent everyday situations and street scenes that act as a portrait of the society in which she lives. This interest arose with her relocation to the UK, which exposed her to unfamiliar scenarios, customs and cityscapes. Her recent work imagines a modern society juxtaposed with elements of Spanish and Catalan tradition, revealing a set of memories and experiences that levitate between past and present. Vivid colour and limitless configurations of the human figure are essential to the realization of these reveries.

Cristina Banban - Laguna

‘Laguna’ – Cristina Banban

‘There Isn’t Milk For The Tea’ – Cristina Banban

Cristina Banban in her studio

Cristina Banban in her studio in Hackney Wick